Chapel of st. Trinity with the mummy of Mihael Madik

The Chapel of the Holy Trinity, which protects the city, stands in the middle of friendly vineyards and stares at Lendava below as a proud white guard. Once upon a time, a military outpost stood at this strategically important point to protect the city from invaders.

Due to its carefully chosen location, even the Turks could not capture it during the attacks in the 16th and 17th centuries. Grateful believers and the distinguished Gludovácz family built the Holy Trinity Chapel on the Čsuka -domb hill in 1728, displaying the mummified body of General Mihael Hadik , one of the greatest heroes of the battles with the Turks. The circumstances of his death are still unclear. The limestone earth and the extremely airy tomb helped the body in the tomb under the chapel to naturally mummify. Around the chapel lies the oldest cemetery in Lendava, where you can admire artistically made tombstones.