Sauna world

Sauna has long been considered one of the healthiest and pleasant forms of relaxation.

The sauna has many positive properties and, in addition to warm you up well, has a very positive impact on improving well-being and health. At one, it also relieves possible pain, stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles, provides finer skin and is a top-notch form of relaxation.

In the sauna centre you are expected to relax in four different saunas – two Finnish, Turkish and infrared saunas.

Finnish sauna
A forerunner of all saunas, known for over a thousand years. Temperature between 60 and 100 °C, ideally 85 °C and 30% moisture level in the air.

Dry air damages the respiratory system, so water is poured over overheated rocks in the Finnish sauna, thus achieving an additional hot wave of steam that speeds up the sweating of the body.

Finnish sauna with crystal therapy: 80-90 °C
Finnish sauna with colour therapy: 70-80 °C

Turkish sauna
Also known as a steam bath. Temperatures around 50°C, moisture amount of 80% or more, which gives us a sense of considerable heat.

The use of aromatic oils, which help to release additionally, is very popular.

Turkish sauna: 50 °C

Infra red sauna
Infra red rays penetrate our bodies and heat the body "from the inside,"heating our internal organs and blood, so we get hot and we start sweating. Three-quarters of the light energy is therefore intended to heat our bodies, and only a quarter of the light energy is heated by the atmosphere, which, unlike the Finnish sauna, also makes breathing easier.

The temperature is between 50 and 60 °C, the amount of moisture is about 50%.

After an IR sauna, we never cool down with icy water, always shower with lukewarm water and then soak in a warm pool or whirpool for another quarter of an hour.

Infra red sauna: 55 °C

The opening hours of the saunas:

from Sunday to Thursday - 10:00 - 19:00
on Friday and Saturday - 10:00 - 21:00

Sauna price:

12 EUR

The sauna world is to guests who have entrance to the sauna world included in their package available every day between 10:00 and 14:00, except on the day of arrival.