Museum of citizenship, printing and umbrellas

The burgher house built at the beginning of the 20th century is one of the most beautiful neo -baroque buildings in Pomurje.

The varied and strongly façade façade is adorned by another of the preserved, baroque-designed roof towers. The beautifully designed stucco is also preserved. Since 2007, the Museum of Citizenship, Printing and Umbrellas has been open in the building . The first room of the museum presents the development of the bourgeoisie of Lendava. The city was also proud of its umbrella plant Hungary / Hungary Hazai Ernyőgyár Rt., Which was in all probability the first in the territory of Austria-Hungary. In the second part of the museum, old printing machines are on display, as well as documents and newspapers printed in Dolnja Lendava. The first three books on the territory of today's Slovenia, written by the Hungarian preacher György , were printed here. Cult.