Wine - tourist road

The tradition of wine culture, the colors of the vineyards and the authentic experience, and last but not least the opportunity for recreation, are the reasons to visit the wine-tourist road, where visitors can stop at one of the wine bars or excursion farms, where the local winegrowers most often offer Laški riesling and chardonay.

The wines have a special authorial note that makes everyone who tastes them feel that they were made naturally. They are also known for their quality. The rich tradition of the wine culture of the area and the varied cuisine go hand in hand and thus enable exceptional pleasures.

Along the wine trails, an authentic experience of nature itself is offered, which does not skimp on beauty here. The hills and paths on them are suitable for an active holiday. In the autumn, the visitor can most authentically experience and taste the harvest, pressing and further processing of grapes. He can always get an insight into the wine cellars where the wine is made.