Lendava Grape Harvest

31 August 2024, 11:00 Lendava

Lendava Grape Harvest

This traditional ethnological culinary event is held at various locations in the town. Lendava grape harvest is a celebration of the winegrowers, which impresses with a varied full-day programme and a rich gastronomic offer, including bograč, langos, pretzels as well as fish – of course, Lendava’s fine wines are a must. The traditional procession through the old town with the presentation of traditions and costumes is a real eye-catcher.


  • Street food and culinary stands
  • Traditional procession
  • Fairytale hours in the library courtyard
  • Grilled ox and offer on the stalls
  • Round trip to the Vinarium tower (bus service)
  • Kid's entertainment programmes
  • Folk program
  • Music and entertainment: Plamen
  • Concert: Vigor

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